Platinum Pass Of MSPT Won By Brandon Welter

MSPT which was held at the Canterbury Park also witnessed another big and glorious winner, which was awarded one of the final and last available Platinum Passes of $30,000 to PokerStars Players of Championship of NL Hold’Em (PSPC) of January in the Bahamas.

For selecting the participants, they conducted a drawing and on those outcomes, they chose 8 players at random and allowed them to participate in a Flipout Tournament heads-up with 8-player. The 8 people who were selected included 2 women named Jodene Jensen and Joan Sandoval, 2 former champions of MSPT in the name of Mark Sandness and Dan Hendrickson, pros of poker Eric Wasylenko and Kevin Eyster“1sickdisease”, and total 2 local players namely Brandon Welter and Royce Cannon.

Eventually, Brandon, a 24-year old boy who is an actuary of the insurance company, succeeded in defeating Sandness, Hendrickson, and Sandoval in the 3 flips to gain and win the coveted pass of Platinum.  On his victory Brandon Welter whose previous biggest score in a tournament of poker was just $3,500 that “this is a surprising win for me, initially I was a very nervous but I tried to keep myself calm and cool. I am very excited about going to the Bahamas and I’m pretty sure that the more and more closer I’ll get the more nervous I’ll be.” However for him to win the upcoming tournament he will need a lot of hard work and a bit of luck too.

The 10th season of MSPT will start with the Poker Open of the MSPT Cleveland at the Jack Cleveland to be held between 17-20 January which will be followed by the Mid-States Poker Tour Majestic Star in the Chicago land area which will take place in between 25-27 January.