Muskan Sethi In Indian Poker

The Indian market for poker is being considered a lucrative one for online startups.

As the present ones that are operating are being valued in the millions, many online poker companies are considering setting up operations and tapping this segment. Indeed, the market is valued at lucrative amounts and many companies are eyeing this segment to cash in on the growing demand and to tap into a large population who are getting enthusiastic about the game.

It has also been noted that the Indian market for online poker consists of mostly male players. However, one lady is set to change that trend. Muskan Sethi is one lady player who is on the way to redefine the position of women when it comes to playing online poker in India. She has made about fifteen thousand dollars in total in the number of live tournaments that she has participated in.

However, it definitely encourages women to be more participative in this recreational field. Poker has been a niche area as yet in this country and the country being a patriarchal society, most people who take part in the games are male. Also gambling, in which poker is still considered a part of, is something of a prohibitive activity that women refrain from participating in this country.

With the international online poker scene becoming dominant, the mindset in this country is about to change as well. There are several players who are emerging, such as Abhishek Goindi or Aditya Agarwal, who have also made names for themselves in the international circuit. Many websites such as Spartan Poker or Adda52 have been making waves as they have earned millions and are looking to increase their profits this year as well. With Muskan Sethi‚Äôs entrance in this field, women’s participation is also set to increase in this segment.