MCOP Event Comes To Close

Poker players and enthusiasts have a lot of action to take part in which has already started from November and would be continuing in December as well.

The MCOP event has already started in November and the Main Event has been concluded. With hundreds of players who participated in the Main Event of this program, there are many players who are looking to make it to the final events and win the grand prizes in the different categories.

There is much news to follow about MCOP. It is a historic event that has been going on for 25 years now, having started from 1992. It is celebrating its 25th edition this year and it promises to be a grand event. Having been hosted in Amsterdam every year, it is a hallowed event that has many loyal followers who participate every year in this event. As the event comes to a close this week, the final table sees action heating up.

Juha Helppi is in the lead and Carrel is on the final table as well in the third position. The final day having arrived, there would be two bustouts that are scheduled for the same day. The final table is laid out in nine without any delay. There are big names that are part of the final table and followers across the world are waiting for news of the final win to filter in.

When the third day of the MCOP Main Event started, there were about 53 players who were still in. After that the chips have started to feel the cards are in the hands of the final players. If you are disappointed as the exciting MCOP event comes to a close, there is the Unibet event coming up from November 30th. It promises to be another long and interesting poker event for the fans.