IFP looking to investment to develop new electronic edition

Turnstone Securities, the California-based investment bankers, have been constituted by the International Federation of Poker to raise money for a major expansion and development of their non-gambling, digital, team-based match poker edition of the game.
The raised money will be utilized to finish the development of their software platform before match poker’s roll-out into Russia, China, Brazil, United States as well as European nations. Match poker is a digital mind-game where traditional cards are substituted by hands dealt to smartphones.
The whole game-play is organized digitally and all individual as well as team performance and league and match information, is stored and recorded centrally. The IFP, based in Lausanne, owns every rights and intellectual property in match poker. It is an observer member of the International Mind Sports Association that is know by the International Olympic Committee.

Patrick Nally, the British born president of the IFP, stated that their creative utilization of the digital technology spots match maker right to ride the present e-sport wave as well as that the absence of gambling makes it appealing in places where betting is not lawful.
Nally stated that, that by making a gambling-free version of the game and reining it to the conjunction power of digital technology that let players to make teams, make leagues and take part in local, national and international contests, it would vibrate with young people and established poker players.